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Introducing the

Hytera PD985

Since working with Hytera in 2012 to deliver a mission-critical communication solution for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, Roadphone NRB have become one of the leading suppliers of Hytera equipment in the UK and in Europe.

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Read more about our strong working relationship with Hytera, and how we can work together to deliver a world-class two-way radio network.

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Security Solutions

We have over 20 years’ experience in designing, installing and maintaining two-way radio solutions for mission-critical environments. When it counts, we make sure your radios don’t let you down.

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Explore Products

From radios to repeaters and earpieces, explore the range of Hytera products available on our website. For more information, you can always call the team  on 01778 421250

Explore Products Hytera’s DMR Tier III technology takes radio  to the next level. Roadphone NRB’s experience,  design & engineering expertise  means your radios will never let you down. “ ”

Introducing the

Hytera PD985

New for Autumn 2016, the Hytera PD985 proudly takes its place as the flagship professional device at the top of Hytera’s strong DMR Portfolio.

Along with the exceptional audio experience customers have come to expect from Hytera products, the PD985 offers lots of new features, including:

All of this, coupled with the PD985’s compatibility with DMR Tier III and XPT Trunking Solutions makes it one of the most technologically advanced radios available on the market.

Endless Channel Selector

With the PD985, no longer are your radios limited to 16 channels. Its channel selector continuously spins in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, with the channel number and name shown on the display. This makes for greater operational efficiency, allowing for an unlimited number of channels without having separate batches of radios or zones.

Smart Battery

Hytera’s latest radio makes it easier to monitor battery status, including battery life time and charging time. Changes have been made to increase the radio’s battery life, whilst decreasing time spent in the charger.

Full Duplex Calling

It’s finally time to say goodbye to ‘Over’ and ‘Out’ with the introduction of Full Duplex Calling! By using two TDMA time slots, the PD985 can receive at the same time as transmitting, allowing you to hold a simultaneous two-way voice call. This feature will also be compatible with DMR Tier III digital trunking soon after launch.  

Advanced Noise & Wind Cancellation

The PD985 features advanced noise & wind cancellation technology to bring enhanced audio clarity. Use the players below to hear the difference for yourself!


Noise Cancellation


Noise Cancellation


Wind Cancellation


Wind Cancellation

Excited? Want to learn more?

Call Roadphone NRB today on 01778 421250 or email sales@roadphone.co.uk to discuss your requirements.