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Linked Capacity Plus from Motorola allows upto 15 Capacity Plus sites to be linked over a local IP network or the internet.

Talkback Unit

Designed, developed, built and supported by Roadphone NRB, the Admatics Dispatcher suite is a professional application for control room environments.

Supported by conventional digital, analogue, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus systems, the software comes pre-loaded onto a Windows 7 PC. A Motorola desktop mobile radio is then packaged in a metal housing unit, with easy-to-access mains connection, radio antenna and PC peripheral ports on the back.

Features include:

Voice Recording
Call Logging
Text Messaging
Lone Worker
Emergency functions
Admin/User logins
GPS Tracking
Call reporting with playback application
Directory with camera interface
Private, Group, Emergency and All Call functionality
Automatic Registration Service
Transmit Interrupt
Remote De-Key

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