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A number of repeaters can also be used to create more complex systems supporting more channel capacity, and offering advanced features such as text messaging and individual calling.

Why Capacity Plus?

Imagine the situation - you need 16 channels to have wide area coverage at your event, but haven’t got the budget to have a system with 16 repeater slots, and as your event is in the middle of a large city, you can’t secure 8 dedicated frequencies for your radio system.

However, you know that it’s unlikely all 16 channels will need to be in use at the same time, and that’s where Capacity Plus digital trunking from Motorola comes in.

Handsets without a repeater talk directly to each other (back-to-back) but in this system the repeater is attached to an antenna and the handsets and programmed to talk directly to it. Because the repeater is considerably more powerful than a handset, the radio needs only to have enough transmitting power to reach the repeater. Using its increased power, the repeater then relays the signal to the other handsets on that channel. A combination of both back-to-back and repeater channels can be programmed into a radio for seamless operation.

Instead of one slot being assigned to one talk channel as would occur in a conventional repeater setup, capacity plus treats slots as a dynamic resource, assigning a slot to the first channel needing to talk. This means that the system can support more talk groups than physical slots available. Also, because all idle radios sit on a common ‘rest slot’, Capacity Plus can support basic individual calling and text messaging.

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