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Tier III digital radio trunking from Hytera represents the very latest radio system innovation, and Roadphone NRB are proud to be one of the first distributors in the UK to offer this technology.

Hyteras DMR Tier III Technology

The benefits of using Tier III trunking are:

Ideal for individual calling
Supports text messaging
Group calling
On-screen contact directory
Dynamic Grouping - allows dispatcher to instantly group users together to manage a situation or incident
Ultra-secure communication
Supported by Hytera PD785 & X1p handportables
Missed Call Log
Emergency Call Handling
Polite & Impolite All Calling
Call Queuing & Priority
Full PC-based dispatch system

DMR Tier III is a fully scalable solution, and more repeaters can be added at any stage to give the system more calling capacity. Because of this flexibility, Tier III is an ideal solution for conferences, sporting events and music awards, along with disaster management and emergency response situations.

"For a mojor conference in Barcelona our Tier III system supported 300 radios & over 25,000 private calls over a 3 week period"
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