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To use a two-way radio in the UK a license to operate is required. This guarantees that your radio frequencies are well away from those used by emergency services, airports or military operations. A license to transmit is a legal requirements.

Licences from Roadphone NRB

Most of our hire radios are programmed working on a ‘Standard Hire’ license. This is a license that is in effect owned by Roadphone NRB that we are certified to distribute to our customers.

Specific Individual Licenses

In some cases a standard hire license does not suit the specific requirements of a project. For example, in highly populated areas or at major events where multiple fleets of hire radios from differing dealers are likely to be working in the same area, you may experience interference on standard hire frequencies. In these situations, we can purchase specific frequencies on behalf of our customers from OFCOM in the UK, or the local regulatory body when radios are to be used abroad.

Licence Free Radios

There is a standard called PMR446 that is used as a free band in most countries across the EU. Radios operating on a PMR446 frequency are only licensed to transmit considerably less power than licensed radios, and this means that the coverage range will be reduced. You should also be aware that there may be other users in your geographical area, so you may experience interference.

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