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We offer full on-site technical & logistical support for your events, giving you peace-of-mind that your mission-critical communications system will deliver when it counts.

Checkpoint Charlie & On-Site Support

Having worked within the industry for over 25 years we can design a system around your exact requirements and budget.

Using the latest technology, we can design a build a repeater system that allows us to monitor, maintain and update your system remotely. You can read more about our systems here.

Logistics Support

On behalf of our clients we can remain on-site during the build, live and break periods of your event to allocate equipment to specific users. We use our in-house developed asset tracking system, Checkpoint Charlie, so after the event you know exactly where kit has been allocated and can easily trace missing items. 

Checkpoint Charlie

Developed by the team at Roadphone NRB our ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ Asset Management System allows on-site management of all your equipment.

Simple to use, the system records the serial number of equipment allocated to them (including radios, accessories and even your onsite vehicles and buggies), and then takes their details and a photograph of the user. Checkpoint Charlie creates ultimate accountability, enabling you to trace the last known user of missing equipment after an event.

Packed full of features including Outstanding Equipment Reporting, this multi-user system is mobile and easy to set-up. The system can be fully supported by Roadphone NRB for the duration of the event, or provided in ‘Client Charlie’ mode for you to use.

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